Thursday, June 13, 2019

Episode 21 - Sex and Gender and Nazis (with CV Vitolo-Haddad)

Another great guest this week.  Daniel is joined by CV Vitolo-Haddad to talk about sex, gender, misogyny, and transmisogyny on the far right.

(Note: This is late; sorry about that.  Also, we encountered technical difficulties with this one.  It's been cleaned up as much as possible and is perfectly listenable if you're prepared to briefly tolerate some occasional background noise.)

All sorts of content warnings.

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Show Notes:

CV can be found on Twitter at @notcolloquial

CV's Medium

CV's YouTube

CV Vitolo-Haddad, "The Blood of Patriots: Symbolic Violence and 'The West'"

Warski Live, "Alt-Hype vs CV- Does Race Exist?"

Halsey News: "Brian Hendrix vs. CV: Does White Privilege exist?"

Ozia Media: "Debating CV Over the Proud Boys"

Honest Red, "TBH: Low Hanging Fruit (Capitalism vs. Socialism)"

bell hooks, "The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love"

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Episode 20 - Gavin, Goad, and Edgelord Comedy (with Samantha Kutner)

Samantha Kutner returns to talk more about Gavin McInnes, including his book, his style, his appeal, and some of his influences.

Warnings apply.

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Show Notes:

Gavin McInnes "The Death of Cool."

Jim Goad's Group Hug

"The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet's Favorite Anti-Semitic Image"

Proud Boys News Sources Samantha (@ashkenaz89) has been consulted with.

Incident map link.

Incident Map Support for Samantha

Venmo: @ashkenaz89

The “misgendering” of Alex McNabb

The Truth about Charlottesville

Edging Into Extremism

For Proud Boys and Others Considering Leaving

Insights from former Proud Boys

Organizations that Can Help You Leave

Mental Health Resources for Men

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Episode 19 - Jared Taylor and American Renaissance

In this episode, Daniel tells Jack about the so-called 'godfather of the alt-right' and Richard Spencer's claimed "mentor", Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, one of the most important and idiosyncratic influences on today's resurgent US white supremacism.

Warnings apply.

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Show Notes

Episode 18 additions:

Popular Front: "The American Militia Movement"
"Standoff: Between Two Shotguns" by Ruth Graham at Slate
Knowledge Fight Podcast

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance:

Jared Taylor SPLC

Sam Dickson at Atlanta Antifascists

"The Racists on Ridgeland Way: Ground Zero for Alt-Right Organizing in Atlanta

Sam Francis at the SPLC

"While always a staunch conservative, Francis's views radicalized over time. He began describing himself as a "paleoconservative" focused heavily on racial issues and ended up writing for racist publications like the Council of Conservative Citizens' (CCC) newsletter, Citizens Informer. (The CCC, which had from the late 1980s until the late 1990s dozens of state legislators and other politicians in its ranks, is a white supremacist group that focuses on issues like support for the Confederate battle flag and opposition to non-white immigration, school busing and affirmative action. The group was built using the mailing lists of the White Citizens Councils, organizations formed to fight school desegregation in the South.)

Francis' definitive break with more mainstream conservatism came with his 1995 firing from The Washington Times. The newspaper acted after conservative author Dinesh D'Souza quoted a Francis speech to a 1994 conference put on by the white supremacist and race science journal, American Renaissance. D'Souza wrote that Francis' comments embodied the "new spirit of white bigotry." "

Sam Francis at Amren 1994

American Renaissance SPLC

American Renaissance on Youtube

American Renaissance website

American Renaissance podcast

"A schism over anti-Semitism threatens a key 'white nationalist' group. The outcome could be critical to the radical right."

"HERNDON, Va. -- For a gathering of people devoted to denouncing the inferiority of blacks and sounding the alarm about civilization-threatening Muslims, the biannual conferences thrown by the New Century Foundation, publisher of the racist newsletter American Renaissance, are decidedly genteel affairs. Men dress in suits and ties, women in formal business attire, and there are no uniformed skinheads or Klansmen to be seen. Large plasma television screens, Starbucks coffee spreads and fancy linens adorn the hotel meeting hall. Epithets have no place here.

Or at least they didn't. At the latest edition of the conferences that began in 1994, held this February at the Hyatt Dulles hotel, a nasty spat broke out that upset the gathering's decorum -- and may even shape the future of the radical right.

It began when David Duke, the former Klan leader and author of Jewish Supremacism, strode to a microphone after French author Guillaume Faye wrapped up a talk vilifying Muslims entitled "The Threat to the West." Duke thanked Faye for remarks that "touched my genes." But then he went one further.

"There is a power in the world that dominates our media, influences our government and that has led to the internal destruction of our will and spirit," Duke said, according to an undisputed account in The Forward newspaper.

"Tell us, tell us," someone in the back yelled.

"I'm not going to say it," Duke replied. Laughter began to fill the room, until a short, angry man leaped from his seat, walked up to Duke and began to curse.

"You fucking Nazi, you've disgraced this meeting!" he said."

2000 SPLC report on the first edition of the Color of Crime

The Color of Crime, 2011 edition

The Color of Crime, 2016 edition

Jared Taylor's introduction to the first American Renaissance conference, 1994 (Actual content starts about eight minutes in)

Amren 2019 conference speakers

Jared Taylor banned from Europe until 2021

"Jared Taylor, one of the most prominent white supremacists in the U.S., claimed on his website on Friday that he’d been “banned from Europe” until 2021.
The ban came as Taylor attempted to transfer in Switzerland for a flight to Finland. According to Taylor, Swiss police informed him that Polish authorities had barred Taylor from traveling through the Schengen Zone, a 26-country area of Europe allowing visa-free travel.


"Taylor had been planning on speaking at white supremacist conferences in Scandinavia, including one on Saturday in Stockholm that featured other well-known fascists like Mark Collett and Greg Johnson.

It’s unclear why Polish authorities issued a blanket ban against Taylor. Taylor attributed the ban to a 2018 trip to the country, where he gave multiple television interviews. During that trip, Taylor said that Polish police said he was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.” "

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance sues Twitter for banning over speech content.
American Renaissance Newsletter, November 1990

"Setting the Record Straight: Longtime Partner of Jared Taylor Addresses White Nationalist Criticism"
Paul Kersey at American Renaissance

"Stuff Black People Don't Like" January 2010 at the Internet Archive

SBPDL redirect at Unz Review

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Episode 18 - Christian Identity, White Separatism, and the Militia Movement

This week, Daniel tells Jack about... well, the clue's in the title.

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Content Warnings apply for episode and show notes.


Show Notes:

The Terrorist Next Door

"Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump"

Aryan Cowboys

American Experience: Oklahoma City

Bundyville, from Oregon Public Radio and Longreads, by Leah Sottile.

Bring the War Home

Blood and Politics

From John Earnest's (Poway synagogue shooters) manifesto:

"Plenty of people wrongfully identify with being Christian. Beyond the scope of time the Father and the Son made a covenant in eternity—that the Son would bring a people to Him that He may be glorified through them. I did not choose to be a Christian. The Father chose me. The Son saved me. And the Spirit keeps me. Why me? I do not know. And my answer to loving my enemies? Trust yids and their puppet braindead lemming normalfags to take one quote from the Bible and grossly twist its meaning to serve their own evil purposes—meanwhile ignoring the encompassing history and context of the entire Bible and the wisdom it takes to apply God’s law in a broken world."

Christian Identity at Wikipedia

RJ Rushdoony and Christian Reconstruction:

"McVicar notes that it’s during this time period that Rushdoony discovered the work of Cornelius Van Til, author of The New Modernism and father of a doctrine called “presuppositional apologetics.”

It isn’t necessary or even possible to delve too deeply into Van Til’s theology here, but a Cliff Notes version is helpful: Christians and nonbelievers alike comprehend the world based on certain presuppositions. Christians operate from a correct presupposition; nonbelievers do not, and ne’er the twain shall meet. According to Van Til, nonbelievers are incapable of accurately comprehending reality, and by extension, cannot develop a correct moral framework.

Van Til’s work pulled heavily from Kant, which appealed to the intellectual Rushdoony; so did his Reformed leanings, which Rushdoony shared. Van Til’s epistemology also validated the would-be philosopher’s Duck Valley observations.

But Rushdoony took Van Til’s thought a step further. If nonbelievers couldn’t be truly moral or reasonable, secular laws, based on secular reasoning, were therefore illegitimate. The answer to solving society’s problems – and to solving Duck Valley – lay in the application of biblical law."

Aryan Nations at the SPLC

"Butler openly admired Adolf Hitler and longed for a whites-only homeland in the Pacific Northwest. He retired as an aeronautical engineer at age 55 and moved to Hayden Lake, Idaho, in 1974. There, he bought an old farmhouse and formed his own  "Christian Posse Comitatus" group. By 1977, Butler had decided to form the Church of Jesus Christ Christian at the farmhouse, and named its political arm Aryan Nations.

In 1980, Butler’s church was bombed, causing $80,000 in damage. Nobody was injured or arrested. Butler responded by building a two-story guard tower and posting armed guards around his 20-acre property.

In 1981, Butler hosted the first of what would be many annual Aryan World Congress gatherings on his property. It, and the confabs that would follow, attracted almost every nationally significant racist leader around. Among them: Tom Metzger, former Klansman and leader of White Aryan Resistance; Louis Beam, another onetime Klansman who promoted the concept of leaderless resistance; Don Black, the former Klansman who created Stormfront, the oldest and largest white nationalist forum on the Web; and Kirk Lyons, a lawyer who has represented several extremists and who was married on the compound by Butler."

Kirk Lyons at the SPLC

Lyons appeared on The Political Cesspool on 4/24/2019

The Butler Plan at the Northwest Front

"Harold Covington Died a Coward"

"For a time the program was co-hosted by Corinna Burt, a body builder who had a brief stint in the adult industry, under the alias “Axis Sally.” By 2013 she had left white nationalism behind, and, in an interview with the SPLC, explained that Covington’s goal was “to get a thousand alpha Aryan males to move to his neighborhood and then basically just start shooting everyone who isn’t white.”

Indeed, Burt painted a portrait of a man who was unstable and paranoid. He “called nearly everyone in the [white supremacist] movement a homosexual,” was petrified of the thought that black men wanted to rape him, and his apartment was “filthy” with “layers of grime” on the walls. In her words, Covington was “pretty much the most horrible person ever.”

His final years were spent making YouTube videos and podcasts for NF, much of which failed to gain traction even among other white nationalists. In the age of the alt-right, troll storms, racist memes, and torch marches, Harold’s influence had waned to practically nothing. When he was in the news, it was for calling Dylann Roof’s Charleston bloodbath “a preview of coming attractions” and speculating that The Right Stuff’s Mike Enoch was secretly Jewish.


"I had only ever written about this curmudgeonly racist once, but decided that he didn’t seem important enough to merit further attention. Looking back I stand by that calculation. His brother Ben probably summed it up the best, however, stating that “the bottom line here is that my brother is a coward. He has always been a coward and he will die a coward.” On July 14, 2018, Harold Armstead Covington died a coward at the age of 64. He will not be missed."


"The Rise of the Balk Right"

Billy Roper Youtube

Billy Roper at the SPLC

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Sovereign Citizen Movement at Wikipedia

Militia Movement at Rationalwiki

Shane Bauer at Mother Jones, "I Went Undercover with a Border Militia"

Hijacking America by Susan George

Fundamentals of Extremism

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Episode 17 - Holocaust Denial Today

In the second part of our discussion of Holocaust Denial, we take a look at the phenomenon as it exists today.

Warnings strongly apply.

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Show Notes:

Rabbi Recalls COming Face to Face with Shooter at California Synagogue

Robert Evans, "Ignore the Poway Synagogue Shooter's Manifesto: Pay Attention to 8chan's /pol/ Board"

Suspect of Possible Arson Attack at Escondido Mosque Leaves Note Referencing New Zealand Terrorist Attacks


Holocoaster at Urban Dictionary (2009)

Holocoaster meme (text source)

Inside the Concentration Camps: Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler's Death Camps (1946): "800 to 900 yards from the place where the ovens were, the prisoners were squeezed into little cars that ran on rails. In Auschwitz these cars had various dimensions and could hold up to 15 people. As soon as a car was loaded, it would be set in motion on an inclined plane that traveled at full speed down a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a wall, and in the wall was the door to the oven. As soon as the car hit the wall, the door opened automatically, and the car would dip forward and pitch its cargo of living people into the oven. Right behind it came another car with another load, and so on."

Holocaster meme (Fun Will Set You Free)

Nick Fuentes "How to Make 6 million cookies"


From TDS171 "The ParaStormies Present."

Enoch: Plus there's a goal here that's beyond getting fucking views and listens and shit.

Sven: Well the goal of getting using listeners is to get that to realize that bigger goal of our political aspirations.

Anglin: It's all about the numbers right now and transforming the ability of people to [gap] Certain way and normalizing shit. Yeah basically that's the entire goal is normalizing shit in people's minds. You see this stuff going on in high schools now like we have created a new youth subculture. Yes. Yes. Everything is going according to plan everything is going according to plan.

Sven: It doesn't matter who we are.


Enoch: But for real the the youth the under under 20 demographic is like forget about it. I was talking last night with a friend and we are talking about the Holocaust and what most of it is but how. It's hard to reach people that have had a certain level of programming.

So even even people that are like are sympathetic and right wing and like even the idea of like a white state is good. We still have this. They still get all fucked up and weird about talking about the Holocaust. But then when you talk to people that are like under 20 years old they don't give a fuck about the Holocaust. They think it's hilarious. Hitler is funny and cool and the idea of gassing Jews is like just a fucking joke. Yeah like they don't give a shit. They don't care.

Anglin: Right. You loaded a culture of complete nihilism and then somehow thought they could insulate themselves from that. Where nothing has any meaning at all. But then they're all in there like but one thing does have meaning. The Holocaust of the 6 million in the gas chambers that they get turned into lampshades. Say it doesn't work. Yeah.

Sven: And now the snake is eating its Curly Q sideburns tail.

It's funny how it's sort of like once you tell people there's nothing sacred there's nothing holy. But you know what this thing that happened to these Jews in this black and white looking shaky real camera from the 40s that nobody really knows what's going on. Like that's that's the thing. That's what you have to care about. You don't care don't care about anything else.

We care about these fucking these fucking Jews in Germany in Eastern Europe in the 40s and that's really important. What why.

Why was nothing important. Why the fuck do I give a shit about this bullshit.


"Talking To Antifa and the Left - Bronxblogger, Tim Blake, Kevin Logan and Mike Enoch" (104,556 views currently.)

"TDS245 The Racewarski Continues"

Roscoe Jones "The Hebrew Connection"

"Why are there so many movies of the Shoah?
Of the garillions that allegedly died?
The Shoah was fiction.
Lies and confusion.
The Germans had nothing to hide.

So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
I know it's lies, wait and see.

Some day we'll break it, The Hebrew Connection, the white man, my brothers and me.

Who said that every kike would be found and round up, and put on a big boxcar?
Schlomo just told us that, and we all believed it.
Now it has done so much harm.
And it's too degrading to just keep stargazing.
It's time to unplug the TV."


Himmler Posen Speeches (October 4, 1943):

"I want to also mention a very difficult subject . . . before you, with complete candor. It should be discussed amongst us, yet nevertheless, we will never speak about it in public. Just as we did not hesitate on June 30 to carry out our duty as ordered, and stand comrades who had failed against the wall and shoot them—about which we have never spoken, and never will speak. That was, thank God, a kind of tact natural to us, a foregone conclusion of that tact, that we have never conversed about it amongst ourselves, never spoken about it, everyone . . . shuddered, and everyone was clear that the next time, he would do the same thing again, if it were commanded and necessary.

I am talking about the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people. It is one of those things that is easily said. [quickly] “The Jewish people is being exterminated,” every Party member will tell you “perfectly clear, it’s part of our plans, we’re eliminating the Jews, exterminating them, a small matter.” [less quickly] And then along they all come, all the 80 million upright Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. [mockingly] They say: all the others are swine, but here is a first-class Jew. [a few people laugh] And . . . [audience cough] [carefully] . . . none of them has seen it, has endured it. Most of you will know what it means when 100 bodies lie together, when 500 are there or when there are 1000. And . . . to have seen this through and—with the exception of human weakness—to have remained decent, has made us hard and is a page of glory never mentioned and never to be mentioned. Because we know how difficult things would be, if today in every city during the bomb attacks, the burdens of war and privations, we still had Jews as secret saboteurs, agitators and instigators. We would probably be at the same stage as 16/17, if the Jews still resided in the body of the German people."


Columbia Guide to the Holocaust

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Episode 16 - Mr Death

Something a bit different this week, as Daniel and Jack chat about Errol Morris' documentary film Mr Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A Leuchter Jnr, as part one of a two part discussion of Holocaust denial.

Warnings most definitely apply.

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Show Notes:

A Militia Group Detained Hundreds of Migrants At Gunpoint At The Border

United Constitutional Patriots on Facebook

"Republican discussed violent attacks and surveillance with rightwingers"

Republican Representative Matt Shea Planned Violent Attacks On ‘Communist’ Leftists, Leaked Chat Messages Show

Matt Shea connection to Christian Identity in 2018 (Ad-heavy but with good detail)

"Biblical Basis For War"


Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr (YouTube)

Mr. Death Transcript

Analytical Chemistry segment from Mr. Death

The Nizkor Project (it's okay to click through)

66 Questions and Answers About the Holocaust

"First of all, consider the implicit conspiracy theory. Notice how the testimony of every single inmate of every Nazi camp is automatically dismissed as unconvincing. This total dismissal of inmates' testimony, along with the equally-total dismissal of the Nazis' own testimony (!), is the largest unspoken assumption of Holocaust-denial.

This assumption, which is not often spelled out, is that the attempted Jewish genocide never took place, but rather that a secret conspiracy of Jews, starting around 1941, planted and forged myriad documents to prove that it did; then, after the war, they rounded up all the camp survivors and told them what to say."

"The conspirators also supposedly managed to torture hundreds of key Nazis into confessing to crimes which they never committed, or into framing their fellow Nazis for those crimes, and to plant hundreds of documents in Nazi files which were never discovered until after the war, and only then, in many cases, by sheer luck.


"Regarding postwar testimony from Nazis, were they all tortured into confessing to heinous crimes which they supposedly did not commit? This might be believable if only a few Nazis were captured after the war, or maybe if some had courageously stood up in court and shouted to the world about the supposed attempt to silence them. But hundreds testified regarding the Holocaust, in trials dating from late 1945 until the 1960s."

Holocaust Controversies

Holocaust Controversies "Rebutting the Twitter Denial."

Deborah Lipstadt, "Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory."

Richard Evans, "Lying About Hitler."

Nizkor on The Leuchter Report

Institute for Forensic Research, Cracow, analysis of Auschwitz in 1994

Holocaust Controversies on The Leuchter Report

Leuchter Report thoroughly debunked, by a fellow Nazi no less, in 1993 (page 32 in scanned "Liberty Bell"

Fred Leuchter interview 2015, with Jim Rizoli

David Irving "The Manipulation of History"

Another Voice For Freedom with Ernst Zundel: "Left-Wing" Violence on the Streets of Canada

Ernst Zundel, "Adolf Hitler -- Artist, Architect, and Designer"

Highlights from the 9th IHR Conference (footage from this was used in Mr. Death)

Van Pelt Report from Irving trial

Richard Evans Report from Irving Trial

Holocaust on Trial (Docudrama about Irving Trial)

Monday, April 15, 2019

Episode 15 - Stefan Molyneux

This week, after many requests, Daniel and Jack take a look at cult-leader, ancap, blowhard, bullshit-artist, white-nationalist, misogynist, narcissist, and phoney-philosopher Stefan Molyneux.

As always, warning apply.

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Show Notes:

Cantwell News!

Chris Cantwell takes a break

...but not for long enough


Martin Sellner background (ironically most of these links are in German):


Stefan Molyneux, cult leader: 

Guardian article on Free Domain Radio, 'deFOOing', SM as cult-leader

On SM as cult leader, FDR 'deFOOing', etc

FDR Liberated - blog and forum for people who have escaped SM's influence; collates lots of info on SM

FDR Liberated on Joe Rogan interviewing SM

Stefan's wife, therapist Christina Papadopoulos, reprimanded by Ontario College of Psychiatrists for "professional misconduct" after encouraging SM's fans to sever connections with their families (i.e. 'deFOO').  SM later lied about this to Joe Rogan.

Video from former Stefan fan detailing their disillusion


Stefan Molyneux, racist:

The 100 Year March: A Philosopher in Poland

Why I Was Wrong About Nationalism

"An Honest Conversation About Race," with Jared Taylor

"The Truth About Slavery"

Stefan Molyneux on White Genocide in South Africa

Interview with Lauren Southern

Stefan Molyneux on Race and IQ

Eric Turkheimer episode, October 2015


Stefan Molyneux in Australia:

"When Media Interview Goes Very Very Wrong!"


Recent Molyneux:

SM is still giving internet therapy

SM pushing eugenics Idiocracy-style

SM is learning to play Minecraft from his daughter

SM blames female suffrage for the invasion of white countries

SM whines about antifascists opposing him

Stefan Molyneux on the Gillette ad


Dirt and Debunks:

Devastating review of SM's The Art of the ArgumentAnd anotherAnd another.

Ben Burgis schools SM on what is and isn't an argument

SM as anti-psychiatry and mental illness denialist

SM at RationalWiki

SM chronicled at We Hunted the Mammoth

Descent of Manosphere on SM

Potholer54 looks at SM's conversation with climate change denier Christopher Monckton

Video documenting SM as liar and plagiarist

Video on SM and IQ racism from The Serfs

Video exposing SM as 'race realist' and white supremacist

Video by José 'How Stefan Molyneux Repackages Social Darwinism'

Sean debunks SM on Rome, the genocide of the Native Americans, and his ludicrous 'film criticism' re Star Wars and Wonder Woman and seriously just go watch every video by Sean.

SM's video 'The Truth About Karl Marx' debunked


Stefan's tweets (referenced in ep):